Cements and Materials Recycling Department


The principal objectives of the “Department of Cements and Materials Recycling” are focussed on construction materials and in particular, binders. The following research topics are of most relevance to the department:

  • Energy recovery from wastes in cement production.
  • Properties and behaviour of mortars and concretes. Additives and durability.
  • Re-use of wastes and industrial by-products in mortars and concretes.
  • Development of new cements. Alkali activation.
  • Conservation of cultural heritage. Repair materials and techniques


In addition to the aforementioned scientific activities; the department also organises workshops and educational courses, amongst which the postgraduate course “Chemistry of Cement”, is probably best known.


The department is also responsible for the management of the scientific journal “Materiales de Construcción”, which is indexed in the JCR / ISI web of Knowledge and Scopus, amongst other databases.