Scientific and technical Assitance

This unit engages in scientific and technical activities as well as administrative and economic management.

It conducts activities related to the transfer, to society at large, of knowledge generated by scientific research and responds to requests stemming from social needs.

Moreover, such requests may open new avenues of research to respond to construction-related questions, such as the quality requirements, durability, incompatibilities, design and so on of new construction materials, elements and systems. 



The unit engages essentially in two types of activities:   

a) Scientific-technical activities.

The unit conducts the following tasks, among others:

  • Handling of all the aspects involved in the issue of appraisals requested by the courts.
  • Provision of scientific-technical assistance and advice in reply to requests.
  • Cooperation with other departments and units to formulate construction pathology studies in buildings, public and industrial works, as well as in the rehabilitation and restoration of historic-artistic buildings.
  • Review of the content of the official reports issued by the Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science.

b) Administrative management services provided by the Scientific-Technical Assistance Unit.

The purpose of the service is to coordinate the handling of requests for scientific-technical assistance received at the IETcc. It includes essentially the following tasks: distribution of requests among the various departments and units and inter-department/unit coordination.

  • Assistance and advice for clients.
  • Receipt and registration of incoming requests. Opening of dossiers.
  • Handling and review of administrative and economic action in connection with requests for technical assistance and research work.
  • Computerization of the Scientific-Technical Assistance Unit, including the development and updating of the unit-related database and the compilation and processing of statistics.
  • Maintenance and updating of the general document files on reports issued by the Institute.Cost control of the scientific-technical reports formulated by the pathology team.
The fields of scientific-technical assistance and research activity include, among others:  




      -Concretes and Durability

      -Clay-based Materials

      -Historic Materials (historic heritage)


      -Chimeneis ans smokestacks

      -Pipes ad drainage

-Cietan Seal

-Corrugated rebar

-Mechanical Testing (members)

-Structural and bulding pathology

-Materials pathology

-Corrosion pathology



To request technical assistance, please fill in and e-mail the  (doc o pdf) below to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Tensile test, canvas


Extracting microspecimens