Documents and Publications Unit


The present Documents and Publications Unit succeeds the former Bibliographic Orientation Service, which has traditionally been one of the most active and externally prominent of the EITcc’s divisions. It was formed essentially to keep Spanish engineers abreast of new developments in construction, both in Spain and abroad. The unit’s three knowledge management sections are: Work and Experimentation, Bibliographic Information, and Publications. It is also responsible for publication of all the Institute’s journals, bulletins and books.


Bibliographic Information Section: this includes the library which, from the outset, has played a fundamental role in knowledge transfer within the Institute. Since its inception, it has been entrusted with many and varied tasks and operated like a modern documentation centre. In addition to cataloguing and classifying its monographs, the unit organizes its collection in accordance with a specific subject matter system (based on the CDU and numerus currens), which has enabled it to keep its stacks open. It has also monitored, entered, indexed, summarized and made index cards for the over 15,000 articles contained in the national and foreign journals to which the Library subscribes.

This Section is open to both Institute and external researchers requesting information, who are provided access to the documents in its stacks.


The Publications Section: is responsible for publishing the Institute’s journals, bulletins and books.

Informes de la Construcción was founded as a monthly journal in 1948. In addition to scientific papers, this publication carries technical-commercial information furnished by companies, providing it constitutes a distinct technical innovation and is of obvious scientific-technical interest; even in such cases, the information in question is published once only, to avoid serving as a vehicle for advertising.


The Institute has also published two bulletins: Últimos avances en materiales de construcción, now titled Materiales de construcción, initially devoted entirely to informing cement manufacturers of the most prominent advances in other countries, and Últimos avances técnicos en edificación.


At the same time, the Institute sponsors the publication of a series of papers based on experimental studies conducted by its staff, under the heading e “Monografías”. The titles of the Institute’s publications are listed in its Catalogoue of IETCC Publications.


The service also runs a publications and scientific materials exchange programme with other national and international institutions.