Activities developed at the IETCC

Youtube Channel Instituto Torroja Tv

Within the youtube channel of Instituto Eduardo Torroja de Ciencias de la Construcción (Instituto Torroja Tv) you can find the playlist of Gender Equality, where the most interesting videos related to the subject within the CSIC will be added.

Lines of vocational promotion and generation of references for children

Generation of educational material

The “Mentoring” activity at the IETcc is particularly relevant. In this sense, Research Professor Dr. Francisca Puertas Maroto, in collaboration with the educational publishing house Santillana, has recently published a book entitled “El Papel de las Mujeres en la Ciencia y la Tecnología” (“The Role of Women in Science and Technology”) within the collection “El Papel de las Mujeres” (“The Role of Women”), aimed at providing the eduAccativa community (teachers and students) with tools to promote and facilitate work on gender equality in the classroom. These books are aimed at mentoring both teachers and students of ESO and Bachillerato (Compulsory Secondary Education and A-Level Studies).

Open days for children

In the last two years, the IETcc has been holding open days for the children and grandchildren of its staff with the aim of showing them the work carried out at the institute and encouraging vocations for research activity.

Iª Open days (17-March-2016)

2ª Open days (23-March-2017)

3ª Open days (23-March-2018)

International Day of Women and Girls in Science, February, 11th.

Antes de que se me olvide…ahí va la traducción (con el traductor de el mundo que es mejor que el de google?):

Following the recognition by the United Nations of 11 February, International Day of Women and Girls in Science, multiple platforms have been created for the dissemination of activities, materials and visibility of women scientists, such as the citizens’ initiative 11 February.

In recent years, the Eduardo Torroja Institute has actively participated in different programmed activities in which 2 lines of action should be highlighted: participation in the photos of women in the CSIC work centres and the generation of activities for the dissemination of female professional figures related to the topics that are researched and developed at the IETcc.

It has also developed its own posters for internal use by the IETcc, showing women working at the Institute over 50 years ago and young people now carrying out their research activities.

Poster for February 11th , International Day of Women and Girls in Science.


Pictures of the 11F in 2021, International Day of Women and Girls in Science in the IETcc of 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022

Picture of our IETcc cleaning companions on the occasion of the 11F in 2021

This year 2021, in the strange pandemic situation that we are living, it is not possible to carry out the same type of face-to-face outreach activities as other years, but we do not want to miss the opportunity to continue raising awareness and remembering that this day, February 11, was recognized in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly in order to achieve full and equitable access and participation in science for women and girls, in addition to achieving their empowerment and gender equality.

Under this objective, we join the #NoMoreMatildas campaign that aims to recover the figure of scientists who throughout history were ignored in their important and brilliant findings, taking them to textbooks so that they awaken with their example the scientific vocation of all childhood, especially girls.

Annual conferences to disseminate great female professional characters related to the subjects researched and developed at the IETcc

In 2018, the IETcc launched a new initiative consisting of recovering and highlighting great female professional characters (all pioneers) who have developed their professional careers within the fields covered by the institute (Engineering, Architecture and Materials Science).

We opened the seriesin 2018 with Matilde Ucelay (1912-2008), the first qualified architect in Spain and winner of the Spanish National Architecture Prize in 2004, with an informative conference in our Auditorium given by Inés Novella, a research architect from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and a specialist in the gender perspective in the technological-scientific field.

For the second edition, in 2019, we have echoed the figure of the recently deceased Gabriella Morreale (1930-2017), Doctor of Chemistry and research professor at the CSIC, precursor of modern endocrinology in Spain and pioneer of the heel test. On this occasion the informative conference was given by our colleague Francisca Puertas Maroto, Doctor of Chemistry and research professor at the IETcc, and former secretary general of the Association of Women Researchers and Technologists (AMIT).


In the third edition, in 2020, we have had the pleasure of welcoming Carmen de Andrés Conde, first Civil Engeneering spanish woman, in 1973, who shared with us her personal and professional experience and specially encouraged the students who attended, from Maria de Molina Institute and International School of Madrid, to follow their scientific and professional vocations, wathever they may be.


In 2022 we restarted the informative talks on the occasion of the 11F, with a talk-colloquium at the IES Vista Alegre, with architects of different professional profiles, telling us their experiences about their different works, how they chosed it, what they most like to be architects, what things they would like to change, then talk and answer all the questions that the students raised.

Generation of scientific exhibitions

In 2017 the exhibition “What your eye does not see. Photomicrography in construction”. The curators of this exhibition have been Dr. Maximina Romero (Scientific Researcher) and Dr. Esperanza Menéndez (Senior Technician of OPIs), designed by Carmen Aragonés, in which all the photographic material used has been made by women researchers of the IETcc. It has been included as one of the activities in the Science Week 2017 of the CSIC and as one of the activities developed around February 11.

Participation in the media and various diseemination activities

In this section, the different activities and participations carried out by IETcc employees in different forums and media, related to women’s visibility and gender equality, will be mentioned.

Francisca Puertas, in La aventura del saber en TVE2

Dr. Francisca Puertas Maroto from Grupo Química del Cemento of the IETCC and director of the Materiales de la Construcción Journal participates in an interview for the program La aventura del Saber enTVE2.

Link to the news

Link to the interview

Presentation of Grabiella Morreale´s book “Su vida y su tiempo” (“Her life and her time”), written by the Research Professor Francisca Puertas of the IETcc and Jose Pedro Moreno, María Jesús Obregón and Flora de Pablo.

The presentation took place on Thursday 11 July of 2019 at 19:00h in the Residencia de Estudiantes, Calle Pinar 21, Madrid.

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