Advanced and sustainable construction


In the Advanced and Sustainable Construction Group, the aim is to explore the limits of knowledge and construction technology in order to propose new materials, products and construction systems that present advantages over the existing ones, under the premise of being more sustainable.

Advanced and sustainable construction must be seen from a broad point of view including the development of new construction tools (materials, processes and services) with better features, functionalities (multifunctional) and capacities, aimed at satisfying the well-being of the user and of society, always in an environmentally friendly way. The Advanced and Sustainable Construction Group seeks to envisage the construction of the future as a means of adapting to and mitigating climate change.

The fundamental objective of the Advanced and Sustainable Construction Group is to advance knowledge through the development of research projects obtained in public, national and European calls, the specific support to the R&D and innovation activities of the agents and industry of the sector and the transfer of knowledge.


Tenorio Rios, José Antonio
911036051 o ext. 438436

Research Lines

The current research lines, supported by ongoing projects, are as follows:

  • Development of construction materials with advanced, multifunctional functionalities.
  • Industrialization, factories of the future and 3D printing.
  • BIM and building energy (nearly zero energy building (NZEB)).
  • Energy storage in buildings.
  • Data and databases for the evaluation of sustainability through life cycle analysis.


NET-UBIEP “Network for Using BIM to Increase the Energy Buildings Performance”

Operational Group Wood Sustainable Construction: “Smart tool for the selection of wood products for construction”

Forjado reticular innovador con materiales de cambio de fase activado térmicamente “HOLEDECK Active”

INPHASE / Soluciones innovadoras de fachadas prefabricadas de hormigon con PCMS para edificios de consumo casi nulo