Structural systems and concrete


Multidisciplinary Group formed by engineers, architects and chemists, focused on the study, experimentation and development of new materials and structures for construction, as well as the rehabilitation and improvement of existing buildings, all based on a performance approach.

The design and operation of technical systems in general, and of civil engineering structures in particular always involve the consideration of safety, environmental and economic aspects. According to current standards and practice, aspects related to compliance with requirements for materials and structures are implicitly addressed. This approach does not allow an adequate quantification of the performance of a given solution as the acceptance criteria are not completely rational as they are based on past experiences.


Castro Quispe, Viviana Jaqueline

Ingeniero Civil especialista en Estructuras, Cimentaciones y materiales.

Rehabilitación y refuerzo estructural con materiales compuestos FRP. Análisis experimental de estructuras. Evaluación del comportamiento estructural.
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Córdoba Fernández, Luis Francisco
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de Diego Villalón, Ana

Dr. Ingeniero de Caminos

Nuevas soluciones de materiales compuestos en Ingeniería Civil. Refuerzo estructural con FRP. Análisis experimental de estructuras
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Echevarría Giménez, Luis

Ingeniero de Caminos

Evaluación del comportamiento estructural. Patología. Análisis experimental de estructuras. Modelización estructural
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Revuelta Crespo, David

Dr. Ingeniero Industrial

Dise√Īo y tecnolog√≠a de nuevos hormigones
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Martínez De Mingo, Sonia

Dr. Arquitecto

Evaluación del comportamiento estructural. Patología. Refuerzo estructural con FRP
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Rubiano Sánchez, Francisco José

Arquitecto Técnico / Técnico Superior de Laboratorio de Análisis y Control de Calidad
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Research Lines

The activities of the Group, integrated in the IETcc-CSIC, are in the field of structural engineering and concrete technology, covering issues related to reinforcement by FRP, experimental analysis of structures, structural reliability, risk analysis, pathology analysis and the design and study of sustainable concrete with advanced performance. The work developed in each of these fields includes the following specific lines of research

Design and Technology of new concretes

To advance the use of new structural concretes for use in engineering and architecture.


Customized concretes will be developed with a performance approach, validating the structural behaviour and service life models. The physical phenomena associated with the intrinsic evolution of the material and the interaction with both the static or dynamic and the deferred load states of the concrete will be studied.

The integral use of the properties of concrete will be studied to provide an improvement in the economy of the construction process, by jointly evaluating the entire life cycle, the cost of materials and energy.

Self-compacting concretes reinforced with fibres of various materials will be designed and characterised; high performance self-compacting concretes with compensated shrinkage, expansive concretes; ultrahigh resistance concretes and integration of industrial waste materials.

Structural reinforcement with FRP

To investigate the mechanical properties and adhesion of resin-concrete with different types of composite materials: fabrics, sheets, NSM, with glass fibres, carbon and others.

To develop projects to obtain numerical and analytical models of the structural behaviour of concrete elements.

Evaluation of structural behaviour. Pathology

Study the basic requirements of structures, model the actions to which they are subjected; evaluate the state of the same, models of behaviour and structural reliability of both new structures and structures with some type of pathology.

To study the causes and effects of these pathologies, as well as repair or reinforcement systems.

Experimental analysis of structures

To experimentally analyse the quasi-static or dynamic behaviour of structures and structural elements, in the mechanical test rooms or on site. Study the systems for monitoring, control and in situ testing of structures.



Structural reliability and risk analysis

Model the actions, influences, resistance of structures, quantifying the uncertainties associated with the relevant parameters and analysing the risks associated with structures and transient processes.  The consequences of possible failures of structures and systems will be studied. Through this knowledge, the aim is to design new innovative structures by evaluating the associated risks and developing safety concepts for structural dimensioning.




Investigación del deterioro de los sistemas constructivos en edificios del patrimonio construido. Técnicas avanzadas de inspección, diagnóstico y rehabilitación sostenible

Dise√Īo y caracterizaci√≥n de hormigones eetes for pavements and structural elemespeciales para su aplicaci√≥n en pavimentos y elementos estructurales de infraestructuras viarias

Risk-based tools for the practical assessment of sound and deteriorated civil structures

Análisis experimental y evaluación de sistemas estructurales

Cement-based materials, properties, evolution, barrier functions (CEBAMA).

Refuerzo de estructuras de hormigón armado con FRP

PHOTOSCALING Sustainability of photocatalytic technologies on urban pavements: From laboratory tests to in field compliance criteria

LORCENIS / Long Lasting Reinforced Concrete for Energy Infrastructure under Severe Operating Conditions

Scientific articles