Alkaline Cements Course 2020

Due to the exceptional situation caused by COVID-19, Alkaline Cements Course 2020 has been cancelled

  • 13, 14 and 15 de March 2020
  • Aula Nervi del IETcc-CSIC, c/ Serrano Gavache 4, 28033 Madrid, España

Course objectives


The aim of the course is to introduce graduates, engineers, architects and professionals from the construction sector to the use of alkaline cements and concretes. These cements have great potential to be developed in the near future, since they contribute to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and allow for the disposal of numerous industrial by-products (slag, fly ash, etc.). During the course, the scientific and technological bases that would allow the use of these cementitious materials, the developed microstructures and their relationship with the physical-mechanical properties, durability against aggressive agents, etc. will be addressed. Some industrial experiences and their position in current regulations will be discussed.

El curso se dirige a licenciados, ingenieros, arquitectos, estudiantes de doctorado, profesionales técnicos y científicos de organismos de investigación o universidades, empresas, consultorías, etc. relacionados con los materiales con propiedades conglomerantes.

Course director and teaching staff


Ana Fernandez Jimenez


Inés García Lodeiro


Dra. Alonso López, María del Mar
Dra. Blanco Valera, María Teresa
Dra. Criado Sanz, María
Dra. Fernández Jiménez, Ana
Dra. García Lodeiro, Inés
Dra. Palacios Arevalo Marta
Dr. Palomo Sánchez, Ángel
Dra. Puertas Maroto, Francisca
Dr. Torres Carrasco, Manuel

Course Areas of Interest Construction Materials

Typical student´s Profile. Academic background Graduates, Engineers, Architects and professionals in the construction sector

Program and registration