Tomás Vázquez Cement Chemistry Course 2020

Due to the exceptional situation caused by COVID-19, Tomás Vázquez Cement Chemistry Course 2020 has been cancelled

  • 30 September to 9 October 2020
  • Nervi Classroom IETcc-CSIC, c/ Serrano Gavache 4, 28033 Madrid, España

Course objectives


The objective of this course is to introduce students to a field of specialization which is the chemistry of cements. From a scientific and technological point of view, the course deals with the cement manufacturing process, its hydration process, the microstructures developed and their relationship with properties, the durability of cement-based materials against aggressive agents, characterisation techniques, etc. It also deals with the manufacture and hydration of calcium aluminate cement, belite, alkali activated slag, and the role of additives, (grinding, Cr reducers or those used in the manufacture of mortars and concretes). The course is completed with laboratory practices and a visit to a cement factory.

Course director and teaching staff


Mª Teresa Blanco Varela

Organizing Committee

Mª Teresa Blanco Varela, Francisca Puertas Maroto, Miguel Ángel Sanjuán Barbudo y Ángel Palomo Sánchez.


M.ª Teresa Blanco Varela; Ángel Palomo Sánchez; Francisca Puertas Maroto; Sagrario Martínez Ramírez; Miguel Ángel Sanjuán Barbudo; Isabel Fuencisla Sáez del Bosque M.ª Isabel Sánchez de Rojas Gómez; Moisés Frias Rojas; Ana Fernández Jiménez; Ana Mª Guerrero Bustos; María del Mar Alonso López; Inés García Lodeiro; Paula M.ª Carmona Quiroga; Joan Puig Montavetra; Frank Hailer; Lucía  Fernández Carrasco; Julio Gómez; Germán García Pérez; Gloria Pérez Álvarez de Quiñones; Marta Palacios Arévalo; Alessandro Schibuola.

Program and registration