Department of Construction

The Department of Research in CONSTRUCTION is dedicated to the advanced studies of the various components that make up the constructive fact in a context of sustainability. The topics developed by the research groups that comprise it come together, highlighting: the development of tools for the calculation and simulation of structural behavior, design of special concretes, the prospecting of constructive systems for rehabilitation in highly efficient conditions energy, simulation of evolution processes of indoor air quality.

In the order of the incorporation of materials and installations to the works, the department carries out theoretical and experimental studies that are oriented to risk analysis, durability and environmental interaction.

In its administrative tasks, the Department aims to meet, facilitate and manage the general working conditions of people and the proper state of the facilities in the tasks of the research groups that comprise it. At present the department consists of six research groups.

En el orden de la incorporación de los materiales y las instalaciones a las obras, en el departamento se realizan estudios teóricos y experimentales que se orientan al análisis de riesgos, la durabilidad y la interacción medioambiental.

En sus tareas administrativas, el Departamento tiene como objeto atender, facilitar y administrar las condiciones generales de trabajo de las personas y el adecuado estado de las instalaciones en las tareas propias de los grupos de investigación que lo integran. En la actualidad el departamento consta de seis grupos de investigación.

Advanced and sustainable construction

Prestacional Development of Concretes, Structural Reliability and Risk Analysis

Risk and Security Management

Sustainable Interaction of Building Materials with the Environment

Building systems and building habitability

Efficient structural systems