The smart tool to promote the use of wood in construction developed by GO Madera

The Sustainable Construction Wood Operational Group, known as “GO Madera”, , which belongs Research Group Advanced and sustainable construction of IETcc, presented through four Multisectoral Meetings, on July 14, 16, 21 and 23 of 2020, the results of its project “Smart tool for the selection of destined wood products to construction”.

On the first day, it was explained the chosen taxonomy for the classification of construction wood products contained in the smart tool. In the second appointment, the wood construction solutions designed by GO Madera were shown and how wood products have been linked to them. The third meeting exposed the generic Environmental Product Declarations that have been prepared to highlight the environmental factors of wood as a construction material. Finally, at the fourth meeting, the prototype of the intelligent tool was released, which will contain both the technical and environmental information developed in this project. Attendees had the opportunity to see how this tool works, which will be available on the web of Maderia, which will guarantee the future results of this research.

The work, developed by the Operational Group in the last two years, focuses on positioning national wood products for construction in the market, due to their technical and environmental values, promoting the value chain from the forest to the final consumer.

Article about the meeting in #IE