Materiales de Construcción. Vol 70, No 338

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  • Characteristics and properties of Bitlis ignimbrites and their environmental implications E. Işık, A. Büyüksaraç, E. Avşar, M. F. Kuluöztürk, M. Günay
  • Influence of sawdust particle size on fired clay brick properties G. Thalmaier, N. Cobîrzan, A. A. Balog, H. Constantinescu, M. Streza, M. Nasui, B. V. Neamtu
  • Effects of waste sulfur content on properties of self-compacting concrete A. Savić, S. Martinović, M. Vlahović, T. Volkov-Husović
  • Fatigue performance evaluation of bitumen mastics reinforced with polyolefins through a dissipated energy approach C. Roman, M. A. Delgado, M. García-Morales
  • Estimation of unconfined compressive strength of cement-stabilized jabre as material upgrade on highway construction E. Teijón-López-Zuazo, Á. Vega-Zamanillo, M. Á. Calzada-Pérez, L. Juli-Gándara
  • Adapted ageing tests for the evaluation of alabaster used in the restoration of Bishop’s Palace of Tarazona R. Bustamante, P. Vázquez, P. Rodríguez-Monteverde, J. Monjo
  • Preliminary study on the upcycle of non-structural construction and demolition waste for waste cleaning
    P. Chen, X. Chen, Y. Wang, P. Wang


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