Materiales de Construcción. Vol 72, No 345

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Research Articles

    • Polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete improved by using silica fume and acrylic emulsion polymer
      H-A. Nguyen, T-P. Chang, C-T. Chen, J-L. Wun, J-Y. Shih
    • Performance of hemp-FRCM-strengthened beam subjected to cyclic loads
      L. Mercedes, V. Mendizábal, E. Bernat-Maso, L. Gil
    • Uniaxial tensile behavior and mechanism characterization of multi-scale fiber-reinforced cementitious materials
      L. Li, M. Cao, Z. Li, W. Zhang, D. Shi, K. Shi
    • Experimental study and theoretical modeling for the compressive stress-strain relationship of multi-scale hybrid fiber-reinforced SHCC
      C. Zhang, Z. Yuan, Y. Shen
    • Development of magnetic flux leakage device as a non-destructive method for structural reinforcement detection
      Ö. Bektaş, Y.C. Kurban, B. Özboylan
    • Confinement of FRP concrete columns: Review of design guidelines and comparison with experimental results
      A. Salesa, L.M. Esteban, C. Barris
    • Influence of tire rubber waste on the fire behavior of gypsum coatings of construction and structural elements
      F.J. Castellón, M. Ayala, M. Lanzón
    • Free-free resonance method for the mechanical characterization of carbonate rocks used as building stones
      F. Ávila, E. Puertas, J.M. Azañón, R. Gallego
    • The use of recycled aggregates in the construction sector: a scientific bibliometric analysis
      Z. Sánchez-Roldán, M. Zamorano, M. Martín-Morales

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