New Materials in Civil Engineering

The IETcc researcher Maximina Romero, is co-author of a chapter in the book New Materials in Civil Engineering, edited by Elsevier.  New Materials in Civil Engineering provides engineers and scientists with the tools and methods needed to meet the challenge of designing and constructing more resilient and sustainable infrastructures. This book is a valuable guide to the properties, selection criteria, products, applications, lifecycle and recyclability of advanced materials. It presents an A-to-Z approach to all types of materials, highlighting their key performance properties, principal characteristics and applications. Traditional materials covered include concrete, soil, steel, timber, fly ash, geosynthetic, fiber-reinforced concrete, smart materials, carbon fiber and reinforced polymers. In addition, the book covers nanotechnology and biotechnology in the development of new materials.

The chapter co-authored by Maximina Romero, entitled “Recycling of industrial waste for value-added applications in clay-based ceramic products. A global review (2015-2019)”, presents a review of the works published during the last 5 years on the reuse of industrial waste as raw materials for the manufacture of clay-based ceramic materials, such as bricks, stoneware, porcelain stoneware and ligthweight aggregates (expanded clay).

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