Empleo de aditivos aceleradores en el desarrollo de cementos y hormigones con bajo impacto medioambiental; 2016-T1/AMB-1434

Financing entity
Comunidad de Madrid (CAM) - Ayudas de Atracci贸n de Talento Investigador
2017 - 2021
Principal investigator(s)
Marta Palacios Ar茅valo
298.600 鈧 (+ 110.000 鈧 financiados por CSIC)
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The partial replacement of clinker by supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) is one of the most effective ways to reduce the environmental impact of Portland cement. However, this approach leads to a decrease of the early mechanical properties of concrete due to the slow reactivity of the SCMs. This project focuses on the enhancement of the early reactivity of blended cements by using accelerating admixtures.

In particular, the objectives of the current project are: (i) determine the working mechanism of accelerating admixtures on the reactivity of cement, aluminosilicate SCMs and a blend of both materials, (ii) establish the impact of the accelerating admixtures on the microstructure and nature of the reaction products of blended cements and (3) study the effect of these admixtures on the mechanical properties, microstructure and durability of mortars and concrete with low environmental impact.