Tecnologías en Ciencias del Patrimonio (TOP HERITAGE CM); P2018/NMT- 4372

Financing entity
2019 - 2022 (4 años)
Principal investigator(s)
Prof. Rafael Fort (Prof. Mª Teresa Blanco en el IETcc)
916.350€ (IETcc: 44.978 €)
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Technologies in Heritage Science

The Technologies in Heritage Sciences program, TOP Heritage, is focused on the research in the cultural heritage conservation field from a scientific and technological perspective and, a practical application of knowledge especially centered in society. In this way, the obtained advances will constitute progress and innovation in the knowledge, which could be subsequently transferred to sectors and interested parties industry, populations and agents in charge of heritage conservation. The general objectives are grouped into 5 blocks: a) design of new materials, paying special attention to nanomaterials; b) equipment design, validation of techniques, processes and technologies; c) natural and anthropic risks in the cultural heritage conservation, including the monitoring and the conservation of museums, natural geological and paleontological heritage, and the study of the toxic effects of natural and anthropogenic compounds (radon and nanostructured based materials, respectively); and d) a crosscutting objective integrated into each of the objectives: the development of practical protocols in preventiveconservation.