Innovative Products´ Assessment Unit. National Technical Approval (DIT)


The Innovative Products´ Assessment Unit. National Technical Approval (DIT) develops scientific-technical cooperation activities with the construction industry related to the assessment of fitness for use (DIT, DITplus and DITEX) and the assessment of performance (ETA) of construction products, as well as their certification processes. The main objective of the Unit is to facilitate innovation in the sector and to guarantee the quality of products through actions aimed to:

  • Remove the restraints of architects, engineers and technicians in general, to the use of non-traditional or innovative products for construction sites.
  • Avoid technical barriers to the use of non-standardized construction products, and facilitate their incorporation into the national and international construction markets.
  • Disseminate and develop the use of the National Technical Approval (DIT,) National Application Document (DITplus), Experimental National Technical Approval (DITEX), as well as the European Technical Assessment (ETA) as means to improve quality in construction.
  • Respond to the requirements for construction works established by the Spanish Building Regulation (in Spanish, Ley de Ordenación de la Edificación – LOE) and the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).


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