Materiales de Construcción. Vol 66, No 323

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Artículos disponibles en este número:

  • Study of recycled concrete aggregate quality and its relationship with recycled concrete compressive strength using database analysis
    I. González-Taboada, B. González-Fonteboa, F. Martínez-Abella, D. Carro-López
  • Comparison of the effect of recycled crumb rubber and polymer concentration on the performance of binders for asphalt mixtures
    A. Jiménez del Barco-Carrión, G. García-Travé, F. Moreno-Navarro, G. Martínez-Montes, M. C. Rubio-Gámez
  • Formation and early hydration characteristics of C2.75B1.25A3$ in binary system of C2.75B1.25A3$-C2S
    Shoude Wang, Yongbo Huang, Chenchen Gong, Xinghua Fu, Lingchao Lu
  • Capsules with evolving brittleness to resist the preparation of self-healing concrete
    E. Gruyaert, K. Van Tittelboom, J. Sucaet, J. Anrijs, S. Van Vlierberghe, P. Dubruel, B. G. De Geest, J. P. Remon, N. De Belie
  • The exploitation of sludge from aggregate plants in the manufacture of porous fired clay bricks
    M. A. Chamorro-Trenado, M. M. Pareta-Marjanedas, B. E. Berthelsen-Molist, F. X. Janer-Adrian
  • Infrared exploration of the architectural heritage: from passive infrared thermography to hybrid infrared thermography (HIRT) approach
    S. Sfarra, E. Marcucci, D. Ambrosini, D. Paoletti
  • The influence of water saturation on mechanical properties of ceramic bricks – tests on 19th- century and contemporary bricks
    P. Matysek, T. Stryszewska, S. Kańka, M. Witkowski
  • Influence of the type of lightweight clay brick on the equivalent thermal transmittance of different types of façades on buildings
    M. P. Morales, P. Muñoz, M. C. Juárez, M. A. Mendívil, P. Olasolo

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