Materiales de Construcción. Vol 67, No 325

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Artículos disponibles en este número:

  • New nanomaterials for applications in conservation and restoration of stony materials: A review
    A. Sierra-Fernandez, L. S. Gomez-Villalba, M. E. Rabanal, R. Fort
  • A review of sample preparation and its influence on pH determination in concrete samples
    S. Manso, A. Aguado
  • Comparative scanning electron microscope study of the degradation of a plasticized polyvinyl chloride waterproofing membrane in different conditions
    A. Pedrosa, M. Del Río
  • Use of additives to improve the capacity of bituminous mixtures to be heated by means of microwaves
    J. Gallego, M. A. del Val, V. Contreras, A. Páez
  • The use of a volcanic material as filler in self-compacting concrete production for lower strength applications
    D. Burgos, A. Guzmán, K. M.A. Hossain, S. Delvasto
  • Synthesis of nanocomposite coating based on TiO2/ZnAl layer double hydroxides
    V. Jovanov, O. Rudic, J. Ranogajec, E. Fidanchevska
  • Consolidation treatments applied to ceramic tiles: are they homogeneous?
    D. Costa, A. S. Leal, J. M. Mimoso, S. R.M. Pereira
  • Portland blended cements: demolition ceramic waste management
    M. A. Trezza, S. Zito, A. Tironi, E. F. Irassar, V. F. Rahhal

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