Materiales de Construcción. Vol 67, No 326

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Artículos disponibles en este número:

  • Use of rubber shreds to enhance attenuation of railway sub-ballast layers made of unbound aggregates
    C. Hidalgo-Signes, J. Garzón-Roca, J. M. Grima-Palop, R. Insa-Franco
  • A new method in estimation of total hexavalent chromium in Portland pozzolan cement
    R. Sharma, D. K. Sharma
  • A Novel MK-based Geopolymer Composite Activated with Rice Husk Ash and KOH: Performance at High Temperature
    M. A. Villaquirán-Caicedo, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, N. C. Gallego
  • Production of more durable and sustainable concretes using volcanic scoria as cement replacement
    A. M. al-Swaidani
  • Predicting the drying shrinkage behavior of high strength portland cement mortar under the combined influence of fine aggregate and steel micro fiber
    Zhengqi Li
  • Impact of the use of alternative fuels on clinker reactivity
    K. Serrano-González, A. Reyes-Valdez, O. Chowaniec
  • PCE and BNS admixture adsorption in sands with different composition and particle size distribution
    M. M. Alonso, R. Martínez-Gaitero, S. Gismera-Diez, F. Puertas
  • Post-cracking tensile behaviour of steel-fibre-reinforced roller-compacted-concrete for FE modelling and design purposes
    N. Jafarifar, K. Pilakoutas, H. Angelakopoulos, T. Bennett

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