Materiales de Construcción. Vol 68, No 331

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Artículos disponibles en este número:

  • Identification of best available thermal energy storage compounds for low-to-moderate temperature storage applications in buildings
    J. Lizana, R. Chacartegui, A. Barrios-Padura, J. M. Valverde, C. Ortiz
  • The influence of CuO nanoparticles and boron wastes on the properties of cement mortar
    M. Yildirim, E. M. Derun
  • Behaviour of recycled aggregate concrete under combined compression and shear stresses
    K. Liu, J. Yan, C. Zou
  • Preparation and characterization of protective self-cleaning TiO2/kaolin composite coating
    V. Jovanov, V. Zečević, T. Vulić, J. Ranogajec, E. Fidanchevska
  • Viability of the use of construction and demolition waste aggregates in alkali-activated mortars
    M. M. Alonso, A. Rodríguez, F. Puertas
  • Incorporating graphene oxide into lime solution: A study of flocculation and corresponding improvement
    G. J. Jing, Z. M. Ye, X. L. Lu, J. M. Wu, S. X. Wang, X. Cheng
  • Moroccan oil shale and coal waste as alternative raw materials in Portland cement clinker manufacture. Clinkerisation reactions and clinker characterisation
    S. Chhaiba, M. T. Blanco-Varela, A. Diouri
  • Synthetic waterproofing membranes and auxiliary separating layers in the inverted flat roof. Pressure effect on the degradation
    A. Pedrosa, M. Del Río

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