Materiales de Construcción. Vol 72, No 346

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  • New journal’s editorial procedures
    Mar Alonso
  • EDITORIAL Special 16th ICAAR issue
    E. Menéndez

Research Articles

  • Alkali-silica reaction in volcanic rocks: a worldwide comparative approach
    S. Medeiros, I. Fernandes, B. Fournier, J.C. Nunes, A. Santos-Silva, V. Ramos, D. Soares
  • RILEM TC 258-AAA Round Robin Test: Alkali release from aggregates and petrographic analysis. Critical review of the test method AAR-8
    E. Menéndez, A. Santos-Silva, I. Fernandes, J. Duchesne, M. Berra, K. de Weerdt, Y. Salem, R. García-Rovés, D. Soares, B. Fournier, T. Mangialardi, J. Lindgård
  • Assessment of effects of ASR-induced cracking on direct shear strength of recycled concrete
    R. Ziapour, C. Trottier, A. Zahedi, L.F.M. Sanchez
  • Investigations on alkali-silica reaction products using Raman spectroscopy
    M.E. Krüger, V. Thome, H. Hilbig, M. Kaliwoda, D. Heinz
  • Effects of temperature on expansion of concrete due to the alkali-silica reaction: A simplified numerical approach
    Y. Kawabata, C. Dunant, S. Nakamura, K. Yamada, T. Kawakami
  • Microscopic observations of sites and forms of ettringite in the microstructure of deteriorated concrete
    Y. Ando, H. Shinichi, T. Katayama, K. Torii
  • Characterization of DEF affected concretes: detection and modification of properties
    A. Pichelin, M. Carcassès, F. Cassagnabère, S. Multon, G. Nahas
  • Long-term efficiency of silica fume and fly ash to suppress ASR in field structures
    A. Leemann, C. Merz
  • Evaluation of laboratory test methods for assessing the alkali-reactivity potential of aggregates by field site tests
    I. Borchers, J. Lindgård, C. Müller
  • ASR related service life estimation for concrete pavements
    K. Seyfarth, C. Giebson, H.M. Ludwig

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