Webinar: Towards greener and more durable concrete. Workshop Resilient infrastructures to boost the Blue Economy

El proyecto ReSHEALience, esta liderado en el IETCC por el Grupo de gestión de Riesgo y Seguridad en el que participa el CSIC a través del IETcc organiza los siguientes eventos

Webinar. Towards greener and more durable concrete 

The environmental impacts of concrete production are concerning: the industry is responsible for 5% of global CO2 emissions. We tackle this problem by developing greener and more durable concrete.

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Date: Wednesday, the 7th of October
Time: 12:00 – 13:30 CET

Concrete is the world´s most consumed man-made material. The environmental impacts associated with cement (and thus concrete) production are a cause for concern: global cement industry is responsible for at least 5% of global carbon dioxide emissions and cement production is energy intensive accounting for 2% of global primary energy consumption; and 5% of global industrial energy consumption.

Join the free webinar hosted by two research projects funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme – EnDurCrete and ReSHEALience! We will talk about developing environmentally friendly and highly durable concrete, show you videos from demonstration in real conditions, testing, casting and more.

Don´t expect boring overly scientific presentations, we are preparing appealing interactive video content to support our sessions!

  •  12:00 – Welcome and introduction of speakers
12:05 – A word from the Project Officer
  • 12:15 – EnDurCrete project introduction
  • 12:20 – ReSHEALience project introduction
12:25 – Casting of EnDurCrete elements
  • 12:35 – ReSHEALience demo sites
  • 12:50 – EnDurCrete demo site – Krk Bridge
13:05 – ReSHEALience demo sites 2
  • 13:20 – Q & A



Workshop. Resilient infrastructures to boost the Blue Economy

Extend the service life of the infrastructures and reduce their maintenance costs is especially relevant in coastal and marine areas. Covering 70% of the planet surface, they will be essential to deploy the major changes that will take place during century XXI. Renewable energies, aquaculture and new logistic areas will grow on them only if their resiliency makes the investment viable and profitable under such aggressive environment. With three times the US coastline, Europe has a particularly remarkable potential in this field.

This event, organized by the H2020 project ReSHEALience, highlights the experiences with resilient structures in Spain. The speakers are called to expose the current problems and different proposals to facilitate an effective and sustainable transition to the Blue Economy.

Date: Thursday, the 8th of October

Time: 11:20 – 13:30 CET


  • 11:20 – Welcome and introduction of speakers
  • 11:30 – Lucía Iñigo, CDTI
  • 11:45 – AZTI -Tecnalia
  • 12:00 – Generalitat Valenciana
  • 12:15 – Manuel Arana, Puertos del Estado
  • 12:30 – Liberato Ferrara, Politecnico di Milano
  • 12:45 – Ignacio Pantojo, Iberdrola
  • 13:00 – Round Table / Q and A

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