Materiales de Construcción. Vol 67, No 328

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Artículos disponibles en este número:

  • Impact of using lightweight eco-bricks as enclosures for individual houses of one story on zones of high seismicity
    D. Dominguez, V. P. Muñoz, V. L. Muñoz
  • Properties of geopolymer binders prepared from milled pond ash
    J. Temuujin, A. Minjigmaa, U. Bayarzul, D. S. Kim, S-Ho Lee, H. J. Lee, C. H. Ruescher, K. J.D. MacKenzie
  • Eco-trench: a novel trench solution based on reusing excavated material and a finishing layer of expansive concrete
    A. Blanco, P. Pujadas, C. Fernández, S. H.P. Cavalaro, A. Aguado
  • Comparison of strength and durability characteristics of a geopolymer produced from fly ash, ground glass fiber and glass powder
    H. Rashidian-Dezfouli, P. R. Rangaraju
  • Characterization of quality recycled gypsum and plasterboard with maximized recycled content
    A. Jiménez-Rivero, J. García-Navarro
  • Using petrographic techniques to evaluate the induced effects of NaCl, extreme climatic conditions, and traffic load on Spanish road surfaces
    A. P. Pérez-Fortes, M. J. Varas-Muriel, P. Castiñeiras
  • Small-sized reverberation chamber for the measurement of sound absorption
    R. del Rey, J. Alba, L. Bertó, A. Gregori
  • Preparation of β-belite using liquid alkali silicates
    P. Koutník
  • Accelerated action of external sulfate and chloride to study corrosion of tensile steel in reinforced concrete
    M. A. G. Silva, M. P. Cunha, A. Pinho-Ramos, B. Sena da Fonseca, F. F. S. Pinho
  • High strength oil palm shell concrete beams reinforced with steel fibres
    S. Poh-Yap, U. Johnson-Alengaram, K. Hung-Mo, M. Zamin-Jumaat

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