Materiales de Construcción. Vol 71, No 344

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  • Materiales de Construcción: 70th anniversary issue
    Pura Fernández
  • The Eduardo Torroja Institute of the CSIC and the journal Materiales de Construcción, 70 years of a successful symbiosis
    Angel Castillo, Isabel Martínez
  • Materiales de Construcción: the first 70 wonderful years
    Francisca Puertas
  • Materiales de Construcción on its 70th anniversary: state-of-play and future challenges
    Mar Alonso

Research Articles

  • NORM waste, cements, and concretes. A review
    F. Puertas, J. A. Suárez-Navarro, M. M. Alonso, C. Gascó
  • Evaluation of the influence of the degree of saturation, measuring time and use of a conductive paste on the determination of thermal conductivity of normal and lightweight concrete using the hot-wire method
    D. Revuelta, J.L. García-Calvo, P. Carballosa, F. Pedrosa
  • Optimising processing conditions for the functionalisation of photocatalytic glazes by ZnO nanoparticle deposition
    H.R. Guzmán-Carrillo, E. Jiménez Relinque, A. Manzano-Ramírez, M. Castellote, M. Romero-Pérez
  • Characterisation and diagnosis of heritage concrete: case studies at the Eduardo Torroja Institute, Madrid, Spain
    P.M. Carmona-Quiroga, A. Pachón-Montaño, J. Queipo-de-Llano, J.A. Martín-Caro, D. López, I. Paniagua, I. Martínez, F. Rubiano, I. García-Lodeiro, L. Fernández-Ordóñez, M.T. Blanco-Varela, E. Frías-López
  • Study of the alkali-silica reaction rate of Spanish aggregates. Proposal of a classification based in accelerated mortar bars tests and petrographic parameters
    E. Menéndez, R. García-Roves, B. Aldea, E. Puerto, H. Recino
  • Durability of UHPFRC functionalised with nanoadditives due to synergies in the action of sulphate and chloride in cracked and uncracked states
    M. Giménez, M.C. Alonso, E. Menéndez, M. Criado
  • On-site corrosion monitoring experience in concrete structures: potential improvements on the current-controlled polarization resistance method
    J. E. Ramón, Á. Castillo, I. Martínez
  • Experimental analysis and design strength models adopted by international guides for FRP-confined concrete columns subjected to axial compression
    J.P. Gutiérrez, S. Martínez, A. de Diego, V.J. Castro, L. Echevarría
  • Printability of materials for extrusion 3D printing technologies: a review of material requirements and testing
    G. Sotorrío, J. Alonso, N.O.E. Olsson, J.A. Tenorio
  • Bibliometric analysis of the journal Materiales de Construcción: 2013-2020
    G. Mochón-Bezares, Á. Sorli-Rojo

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