Materiales de Construcción. Vol 72, No 347

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Research Articles

  • Utilisation of phosphogypsum along with other additives in geo- engineering– A review
    B. Anamika, G. Debabrata
  • Simplified modeling of rubberized concrete properties using multivariable regression analysis
    A. Habib, U. Yildirim
  • Influence of composite admixtures on the freezing resistance and pore structure characteristics of cemented sand and gravel
    L. Guo, W. Wang, L. Zhong, L. Guo, L. Wang, M. Wang, Y. Guo, P. Chen
  • Prediction of flexural fatigue life and failure probability of normal weight concrete
    K.M.A. Sohel, M.H.S. Al-Hinai, A. Alnuaimi, M. Al-Shahri, S. El-Gamal
  • Replacement of hydrated lime by lime mud-residue from the cellulose industry in multiple-use mortars production
    H. Sangi-Gonçalves, D. Penteado-Dias, R. Castillo-Lara
  • Investigation on effect of colloidal nano-silica on the strength and durability characteristics of red mud blended Portland cement paste through tortuosity
    K. Athira, T. Shanmugapriya
  • Evaluation of nanoparticulate consolidants applied to Novelda Stone (Spain)
    A. Ripoll, A. Rojo, V.G. Ruizde Argandoña
  • Mechanical and acoustical evaluation of bio-based composites made of cork granulates for acoustic ceiling tiles
    R. Maderuelo-Sanz, F.J. García-Cobos, F.J. Sánchez-Delgado, J.M. Meneses-Rodríguez, M.I. Mota-López

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