Materiales de Construcción. Vol 70, No 337

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Artículos disponibles en este número:


  • Editorial: Farewell as Editor in Chief of “Materiales de Construcción” Journal. Francisca Puertas
  • Editorial from new Editor. Mar Alonso

Research articles

  • Recent advances in structural fibre-reinforced concrete focused on polyolefin-based macro-synthetic fibres. M. G. Alberti, A. Enfedaque, J. C. Gálvez, A. Picazo
  • Gypsum based mixes for conservation purposes: evaluation of microstructural and mechanical features. V. Brunello, D. Bersani, L. Rampazzi, A. Sansonetti, C. Tedeschi
  • Pozzolanic activity of argentine vitreous breccia containing mordenite. V. L. Bonavetti, V. F. Rahhal, F. Locati, E. F. Irassar, S. Marfil, P. Maiza
  • Investigation of the parameters influencing progress of concrete carbonation depth by using artificial neural networks. P. Akpinar, I. D. Uwanuakwa
  • Evaluation of the physical-mechanical properties of cement-lime based masonry mortars produced with mixed recycled aggregates. R. L.S. Ferreira, M. A.S. Anjos, E. F. Ledesma, J. E.S. Pereira, A. K.C. Nóbrega
  • Clayey soil stabilization using alkali-activated cementitious materials. J. F. Rivera, A. Orobio, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, N. Cristelo
  • Long-term sulfate attack on recycled aggregate concrete immersed in sodium sulfate solution for 10 years. L. R. Santillán, F. Locati, Y. A. Villagrán-Zaccardi, C. J. Zega
  • Effect of high temperatures on the mechanical behaviour of hybrid cement. B. Qu, A. Fernández Jiménez, A. Palomo, A. Martin, J. Y. Pastor


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