Materiales de Construcción. Vol 70, No 341

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Research Articles

  • Species effect on decay resistance of wood exposed to exterior conditions above the ground in Spain M. Conde-García, M Conde-García, J.I. Fernández-Golfín
  • Self-healing concrete-What Is it Good For? M. Roig-Flores, S. Formagini, P. Serna
  • The fatty acids based organofunctional silane protective coatings for concrete K. Szubert
  • Experimental study of a noise reducing barrier made of fly ash C. Arenas, J.D. Ríos, H. Cifuentes, B. Peceño, C. Leiva
  • Analysis of the influence of partial replacement of mineral aggregate by basaltic rock dust on the production of industrialized adhesive mortar L.C. Lentz, E.G.P. Antunes
  • Sintering of sepiolite-rich by-products for the manufacture of lightweight aggregates: technological properties, thermal behavior and mineralogical changes J. M. Moreno-Maroto, B. González-Corrochano, J. Alonso-Azcárate, C. Martínez-García
  • Lightweight recycled gypsum with residues of expanded polystyrene and cellulose fiber to improve thermal properties of gypsum K.A. de Oliveira, C.A.B. Oliveira, J.C. Molina
  • Magnetic variation in construction steels under tensile stress. Empirical research with Helmholtz coils D. Ferrández, C. Morón, P. Saiz, A. Morón


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