Materiales de Construcción. Vol 71, No 342

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Research Articles

  • Performance of rubber mortars containing silica coated rubber J. Li, P. Chen, H. Cai, Y. Xu, X. Tian, C. Li, L. Cui
  • Impact of fibre incorporation and compaction method on properties of pervious concrete S. Juradin, I. Netinger-Grubeša, S. Mrakovčić, D. Jozić
  • The effect of coarse to fine aggregate ratio on drying shrinkage of roller compacted concrete pavement in different curing conditions M. Abbasi, P. Shafigh, M.R. Baharum
  • Experimental evaluation of the effect of different design conditions on the risk of decay in solid wood exposed to outdoor climate M. Conde-García, M. Conde-García, J.A. Tenorio-Ríos, J. Fernández-Golfín
  • Influence of citric acid on the fire behavior of gypsum coatings of construction and structural elements F.J. Castellón, M. Ayala, J.A. Flores, M. Lanzón
  • Empirical relationships between compressive and flexural strength of concrete containing recycled asphalt material for pavement applications using different specimen configurations C.R. Marín-Uribe, R. Navarro-Gaete
  • A study on the effects of the fractal characteristics of aggregates on the mechanical behavior of cemented sand and gravel L. Guo, S. Li, L. Zhong, L. Guo, L. Wang, F. Zhang, Y. Zhang, M. Wang


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