Materiales de Construcción. Vol 73, No 351

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Research Articles

  • Study on binary and ternary systems with cement, hydrated lime and fly ash: thermogravimetric analysis, mecha­nical analysis and durability behaviour
    P. Lorca, L. Soriano, M.V. Borrachero, J. Monzó, M.M. Tashima, J. Payá
  • Recycling of eps foam and demolition wastes in the preparation of ecofriendly render mortars with thermal-acoustic insulation properties
    C.D. Acevedo-Sánchez, M.A. Villaquirán-Caicedo , L.F. Marmolejo-Rebellón
  • Fresh, hardened and thermal properties of coating mortars containing mineral additions and vermiculite
    K. dosSantos, A. Figueirêdo, D. de Paiva, F.L. Maia , J.A. da Silva, I.M. da Silva, I. Costa
  • Investigation of reinforced concrete members with bond deterioration under tensile load
    A.I. Quadri
  • Experimental investigation of clogging mechanism of pervious concrete made with variable aggregate gradations
    M. Nazeer, K. Kapoor , S.P. Singh
  • Fresh, hardened and durability properties of sodium carbonate-activated algerian slag exposed to sulfate and acid attacks
    R. Kahlouche , A. Badaoui, M. Criado
  • Analysis of two experimental setups to study mode II fracture on fibre-reinforced gypsum notched specimens
    F. Suárez, J.F. Aceituno, J. Donaire-Ávila
  • Computer vision application for improved product traceability in the granite manufacturing industry
    X. Rigueira, J. Martínez , M. Araújo, E. Giráldez, A. Recamán
  • New insights into the production of sustainable synthetic aggregates and their microstructural evaluation
    R. Vignesh, A. Abdul-Rahim

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