Materiales de Construcción. Vol 69, No 336

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Artículos disponibles en el nº 336:

Artículos disponibles en este número:

  • Influence of different sources of coal gangue used as aluminosilicate powder on the mechanical properties and microstructure of alkali-activated cement
    B. J. Frasson, R. C.A. Pinto, J. C. Rocha
  • Effect of different PVA and steel fiber length and content on mechanical properties of CaCO3 whisker reinforced cementitious composites
    M. Cao, C. Xie, L. Li, M. Khan
  • Assessment of mechanical properties of fibrous mortar and interlocking soil stabilised block (ISSB) for low-cost masonry housing
    F. Qamar, T. Thomas, M. Ali
  • Acoustic behavior of porous concrete. Characterization by experimental and inversion methods
    M. Pereira, J. Carbajo, L. Godinho, P. Amado-Mendes, D. Mateus, J. Ramis
  • Self-activation of slag-cements with glass waste powder
    M. A. Trezza, V. F. Rahhal
  • Study of the suitability of a new structural concrete manufactured with carbon fiber reinforced lightweight aggregates sintered from wastes
    J. M. Moreno-Maroto, A. L. Beaucour, B. González-Corrochano, J. Alonso-Azcárate
  • Comparison between wet and dry timber visual strength grading according to the Spanish (UNE 56544) and German (DIN 4074-1) standards
    D. F. Llana, F. Arriaga, M. Esteban, G. Íñiguez-González


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