Methods for characterising the steel-concrete interface to enhance understanding of reinforcement corrosion: a critical review by RILEM TC 262-SCI

S. Wong, U. M. Angst, M. R Geiker, O. Burkan Isgor, B. Elsener, A. Michel, M. C. Alonso, M. J. Correia, J. Pacheco, J. Gulikers, Y. Zhao, M. Criado, M. Raupach, H. Sorensen, R. François, S. Mundra, M. Rasol, R. Polder.

Materials and Structures, 55 (2022) 124 .

DOI: 10.1617/s11527-022-01961-5(0123456789().,-volV)( 01234567

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