Construction Department

The Research in Construction Department is dedicated to advanced studies of the various components that make up construction in a context of sustainability. The subjects developed by the research Groups that make up the department converge in this department, highlighting: the development of tools for the calculation and simulation of structural behaviour, the design of special concretes, the exploration of construction systems for renovation under conditions of high energy efficiency, the simulation of processes for the evolution of indoor air quality.

In order to incorporate the materials and premises to the works, the department carries out theoretical and experimental studies that are oriented towards risk analysis, durability and environmental interaction.

In its administrative tasks, the Department aims to attend to, facilitate and administer the general working conditions of people and the adequate state of the facilities in the tasks of the research Groups that make up the Department. The department currently consists of six research Groups.

Advanced and Sustainable Construction

Reinforcement Corrosion and Structural Safety

Risk and Safety Management

Sustainable Interaction of Construction Materials with the Environment

Building Systems and Habitability

Structural systems and concrete

Head of Department

Castellote Armero, Marta María

Research scientist
910686433 o ext. 438315