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The current Publications Service has its origin in the primitive Bibliographic Guidance Service. It was one of the most active Services and with more external impact of the Centre. It was born with the fundamental purpose of informing the Spanish technicians about the advances that were being achieved in the field of construction both in Spain and in other countries.

In 1948 the magazine Informes de la Construcción appeared on a monthly basis. Currently, this magazine is one of the most recognized in the field of Spanish-speaking construction and is included in the “Journal Citation Report” service.

Almost parallel to the creation of Informes de la Construcción, another magazine was founded in 1949 called Últimos avances en materiales de Construcción, which in 1958 was renamed Materiales de Construcción. Últimos avances. The current name of Materiales de Construcción is formalized in 1974. Materiales de Construcción is an international scientific journal published in English, and is the reference journal in this subject at a national level. It has been the first Spanish scientific journal in its area to enter, more than 20 years ago, the databases of the “Journal Citation Reports (JCR)”. Currently, it is the only journal published by the CSIC that is in quartile 2 (Q2) in the JCR. The contents of the journal are available at:

At the same time, the Institute is promoting the publication of a series of works based on the experimental work carried out by the Centre’s staff under the heading of Monografias.

Currently, in the Publications section you can also find different digital archives in which the centre or its researchers have participated.

Available publications

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Structural Milestones of Architecture and Engineering

El espíritu impreso de una idea: exposición conmemorativa 60 años de la revista Informes de la Construcción

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