In 1934, on the initiative of a group of architects and engineers, including José Mª Aguirre, Modesto López Otero and Eduardo Torroja, the Instituto de la Construcción y la Edificación,  was founded in Spain as a private entity dedicated exclusively to the study and research in the field of construction and its materials.

In 1946, the Institute joined the Juan de la Cierva Board of Trustees of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), and in 1949 it merged with the Instituto del Cemento, created by the same Board in 1947, thus forming the Instituto Técnico de la Construcción y del Cemento, under the direction of Eduardo Torroja. In June 1961, when Professor Torroja died and in homage to him, his name was incorporated into the official name of the Centre, now the Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science (IETcc)

Eduardo Torroja: Vida, Obra y Legado de un genio

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