Torroja Seminars

The Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja, of the CSIC, in cooperation with the Eduardo Torroja Foundation, organizes monographic seminars on topics in line with the new trends in the construction sector and its materials. The seminars are given by outstanding national and foreign researchers and professionals specialised in a wide range of current topics, with the common objective of showing society the advances that this sector is developing day by day. From the base of the material to the most avant-garde applications.

These Seminars are held in the Eduardo Torroja Classroom of the Institute and take place between one and two times a month, normally on Thursdays, at 12:00 pm. Their duration is approximately two hours, including the lecture and the colloquium that follows. Attendance is free of charge and must be confirmed by e-mail at, indicating the name and institution.

Head of Torroja Seminars: Ignacio Oteiza San José (Head Scientist, IETcc-CSIC)

The seminars are also broadcasted live on the Institute’s Facebook and on the Youtube Instituto Torroja TV channel.

Torroja Seminars

SEMINARIOS TORROJA. Digital Concrete: Interdisciplinarity, Environment and Large Scale Demonstrators

SEMINARIOS TORROJA. Las mujeres de la Bauhaus, de lo bidimensional al espacio total

SEMINARIOS TORROJA. Impresión 3D y Tecnología aditiva

SEMINARIOS TORROJA. Félix Candela: el constructor de cascarones y su estela

SEMINARIOS TORROJA. Diseño de Edificios altos por Desempeño

SEMINARIOS TORROJA. “Mecanismos sensibles”: pioneras de la arquitectura en el siglo XX”

SEMINARIO TORROJA EXTRAORDINARIO. “Ciencia y Tecnología en un edifico con forma de π”

SEMINARIOS TORROJA. La lectura superficial de las cosas