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Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science (IETcc) is a Centre of the Spanish National Research Council, belonging to the Materials Science and Technology Area. Its fundamental function is to carry out scientific research and technological developments in the field of construction, its materials, and the services associated with the approaches pursued.

In the area of sustainability, studies associated with the problem of climate change, resources and the environment are addressed, as well as the energy efficiency of constructions during their execution, use and demolition process. The circular economy, the life cycle analysis, are present as transversal axes of development.

These objectives are achieved through the development of R+D+i projects, financed by the National Research Plan, the European Union and the Autonomous Communities; as well as through research contracts with companies in the Construction Sector.

  • Research in the field of construction and its materials
  • National projects
  • International projects
  • Research contracts with the public or private sector

The IETcc also provides scientific and technical support to the construction industry through its technical assistance services and through its work on materials certification and accreditation, products and systems for construction and building. The mission of the IETcc is to transfer the knowledge acquired to the sector through publications, patents, consultancy, etc.

The Institute cooperates in the development of the Spanish Building Code, a mandatory regulation, providing permanent technical support to the Ministry of Development. It also develops through the Innovative Products´ Assessment Unit. National Technical Approval (DIT),  scientific-technical cooperation activities with the construction industry related to the assessment of fitness for use (DIT, DITplus and DITEX) and the assessment of performance (ETA) of construction products, as well as their certification processes.

  • Technological support to the construction sector
  • Scientific and Technical Assistance
  • Technical assessment of innovative materials, products, procedures and systems
  • Quality certification of prefabricated elements
  • Advice and coordination of technical standards such as the Spanish Building Code

The IETcc manages and publishes two international scientific journals (Building Materials and Construction Reports) included in the main scientific documentation databases.

  • Knowledge dissemination to the sector and the scientific community
  • Construction Reports
  • Building Materials
  • Monographs, conferences, seminars and courses

Institutional video

Eduardo Torroja Institute, a research centre committed to the progress of the construction industry

Construction has a great impact on people’s quality of life and an enormous potential to contribute to the solution of global problems. At the Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science (IETcc), of the Spanish National Research Council, research staff from various areas cover the spectrum from basic research to technology transfer. The core activity of the institute is research in the field of construction, carrying out innovative research in relation to the development of new materials, such as cements with a lower carbon footprint, in functionalized materials, and in recycling; we design concretes that until recently would have seemed like science fiction; we evaluate durability and propose solutions for repairing structures; we research energy and acoustics applied to construction, in barriers for radioactive waste and radon or we seek answers to questions such as what is sufficiently safe? In addition, the IETcc evaluates innovative construction products and we are the technical arm of the Ministry of Development for the elaboration of the Spanish Building Code.

Over the years, the Instituto Eduardo Torroja has maintained its commitment to research, collaboration and promotion of innovation in the field of construction

Since 1934, when a group of architects and engineers founded the Instituto Técnico de la Construcción y la Edificación as a private entity, the staff of what would later become the Instituto Eduardo Torroja  has maintained over the years its commitment to research, as well as cooperation and promotion of innovation in the field of construction. Care has also been taken to maintain a continuous relationship with business and sectorial organisations, as well as with successive Ministries related to public works, housing, industry and the environment, all from the CSIC, which the Institute joined in 1940.

The founding spirit responded, at that time in the 1930s, to the need for research into new types of construction based, particularly on what was then a new material: reinforced and prestressed concrete. Multidisciplinary teamwork was infused as a basic principle of operation, which was embodied in the motto Technicae plures, opera unica. This approach led to the convergence of different scientific and technical disciplines that continue to coexist at the institute today.

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Marta Mª Castellote Armero
Scientific Researcher in Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science