Informes de la Construcción Journal

Founded in 1948, Informes de la Construcción is a quarterly scientific-technical publication. Aimed at architects, engineers, construction companies, researchers and professionals related to the construction of buildings and civil works, its subject matter is wide-ranging and covers many fields of construction science and technology, including:

  • Architecture and building projects
  • Civil engineering and infrastructure projects
  • Technologies and construction systems
  • IT in architecture, engineering and urban planning
  • Testing techniques, materials and construction products
  • Structures
  • Habitability, accessibility and facilities
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency
  • interventions in building and civil works: rehabilitation, repair and restoration
  • Heritage and history of construction
  • Territory and landscape

JCR 2017 Impact Index: 0,526

Editorial and Scientific Quality Seal of the Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology) (FECYT) within the framework of the VI Call for Journal Evaluation

The contents of Informes de la Construcción are indexed in Science Web (Thomson-ISI), Scopus, REDIB and DOAJ. It is currently published in electronic version, in HTML, PDF and XML formats. It is an open access publication.

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