Materiales de Construcci贸n Journal

Magazine founded in 1949 at the Instituto T茅cnico de la Construcci贸n y del Cemento with the title 脷ltimas avances en materiales de construcci贸n. Bulletin of limited circulation (ISSN 1698-9333). In 1958 it was renamed Materiales de Construcci贸n. 脷ltimos avances (ISSN 0465-2746), published under its current name from 1974.

Materiales de Construcci贸n is a quarterly publication in English, aimed at researchers, factory technicians and other professionals in the field of Building Materials Science and Technology. The articles published in the journal are mainly in the following thematic areas:

  • Physio-chemistry of the formation processes of cements and other conglomerates.
  • Cement and concrete. Components (aggregates, additives, additions, etc.) Behaviour and properties.
  • Durability and corrosion of construction materials.
  • Restoration and conservation of the materials of the monuments of the Patrimonio Hist贸rico.
  • Impact of the environment on the deterioration processes of construction materials.
  • Use of waste and industrial by-products in construction.
  • Manufacture and properties of other construction materials, such as: gypsum, lime, composite materials, polymers, recycling materials, stones, ceramics, glass, wood, etc.

JCR 2020 Impact Index: 1.619

Materiales de Construcci贸n聽has passed the evaluation process to renew the FECYT Quality Seal in 2021, which is a recognition of its editorial and scientific quality.

Materiales de Construcci贸n is indexed in ISI-WOS (Science Citation Index, SCI and Journal Citation Reports Science Edition, JCR) and in SCOPUS, REDIB, DOAJ, among other national and international databases.

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