Conferences and events

From the IETCC we want to promote knowledge and disseminate research progress in the field of construction from various lines of action:

  • From science to scientists: sharing, defending and disseminating knowledge through postgraduate courses, internal seminars, congresses, external conferences in specific fields.
  • From science to the media: to expand, propagate and make known what men and women dedicated to innovation and the development of science and technology do.
  • From science to citizenship: to collaborate in strengthening scientific culture in any type of teaching field and in the general public, also taking into account the promotion of scientific vocations.
  • From science to the business world: To bring the IETcc’s technological and scientific preparation to industries for the study, testing and design of materials applied to improving technology, manufacturing and the suitability of buildings.

Within this framework, the IETCC organizes activities, conferences and events of both scientific and informative interest.

Jornadas y Eventos