Scientific and Technical Assistance


This Unit includes activities of a scientific and technical nature and administrative and economic management.

It develops activities that are related to the knowledge transfer to the Society originated by the scientific research. This knowledge answer to the requests that emanate from the Society.

On the other hand, these requests can open new research lines to provide answers to questions that arise in the field of construction, such as those related to new materials, elements and construction systems in terms of required qualities, durability, incompatibility, design, etc.


Piñeiro Martínez De Lecea, Rafael


Patología de sistemas constructivos y estructurales
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Activities and fields

The Unit carries out its work basically in two different types of activities:

a) Scientific and technical activities:

The Unit carries out, among others, the following tasks:

  • Management of expert reports requested by courts.
  • Assistance and and scientific-technical advice to requestors.
  • Cooperation with the Departments and Units in the preparation of pathology studies of constructions, both in building, public and industrial works, as well as in the field of rehabilitation and restoration of historical-artistic buildings.

b) Administrative management through the Scientific and Technical Assistance Service

The aim of the Service is to coordinate the management activities of the requests for scientific and technical assistance received at the IETcc. It mainly deals with the following tasks: Distribution of the request to the different Departments and Units and coordination between them. Assistance and advice to the requestors.

Reception and registration of request. Opening of files.

  • Reception and registration of applications. Opening of files.
  • Management and review of administrative and economic actions related to the works requested of Technical Assistance and research contracted.
  • Computerization of the Scientific and Technical Assistance Service with the elaboration and updating of the database related to the Service and elaboration of statistics. Maintenance and updating of the General Archive of the documents related to the reports issued by the Institute. Control of expenses related to the elaboration of scientific and technical reports related to the pathology team.

The fields of activity in Scientific and Technical Assistance and research are among others:

  •      Limes
  •      Mortars
  •      Concrete and its durability
  •      Ceramic materials
  •      Old Materials (Historical Heritage)
  •      Panels
  •      Fireplaces
  •      Pipelines and sewerage
  •      DIT
  •      CIETAN seal
  •      Corrugated bars
  •      Mechanical testing of elements
  •      Structural and building pathology
  •     Material Pathology
  •      Corrosion pathology
  •      Miscellaneous

To submit a request for technical assistance, please fill out the form (doc or pdf) and send it to