Materiales de Construcción. Vol 66, No 321

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Artículos disponibles en este número:

    • The cement industry’s commitment to reduce CO2 emissions in the context of the COP 21 (Paris 2015)
      Miguel Ángel Sanjuán Barbudo
    • Use of coconut fibre reinforced concrete and coconut-fibre ropes for seismic-resistant construction
      Majid Ali
    • Influence of cactus mucilage and marine brown algae extract on the compressive strength and durability of concrete
      E. F. Hernández, P. F. de J. Cano-Barrita, A. A. Torres-Acosta
    • A proposal for the maximum use of recycled concrete sand in masonry mortar design
      E. Fernández-Ledesma, J. R. Jiménez, J. Ayuso, V. Corinaldesi, F. J. Iglesias-Godino
    • Study of potential advantages of pre-soaking on the properties of pre-cast concrete made with recycled coarse aggregate
      Z. Sánchez-Roldán, M. Martín-Morales, I. Valverde-Palacios, I. Valverde-Espinosa, M. Zamorano
    • Natural pozzolan-and granulated blast furnace slag-based binary geopolymers
      R. A. Robayo, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, M. Gordillo
    • Actual laser removal of black soiling crust from siliceous sandstone by high pulse repetition rate equipment: effects on surface morphology
      M. A. Iglesias-Campos, J. L. Prada-Pérez
    • Shrinkage behaviour and related corrosion performance of low-pH cementitious materials based on OPC or CAC
      J. L. García-Calvo, M. Sánchez, L. Fernández-Luco, M. C. Alonso
    • Composite cement mortars based on marine sediments and oyster shell powder
      H. Ez-zaki, A. Diouri, S. Kamali-Bernard, O. Sassi

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