Materiales de Construcción. Vol 68, No 330

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  • Recycled concrete with coarse recycled aggregate. An overview and analysis
    B. González-Fonteboa, S. Seara-Paz, J. de Brito, I. González-Taboada, F. Martínez-Abella, R. Vasco-Silva
  • Isothermal water vapour permeability of concrete with different supplementary cementitious materials
    N. Alderete, Y. A. Villagrán Zaccardi, A. A. Di Maio, N. De Belie
  • Valorisation of sugarcane bagasse ash (SCBA) with high quartz content as pozzolanic material in Portland cement mixtures
    A. M. Pereira, J. C.B. Moraes, M. J.B. Moraes, J. L. Akasaki, M. M. Tashima, L. Soriano, J. Monzó, J. Payá
  • A composite cement of high magnesium sulphate resistance
    A. Allahverdi, M. Akhondi, M. Mahinroosta
  • Physicochemical and radiological characterization of kaolin and its polymerization products
    M. Ivanović, Lj. Kljajević, M. Nenadović, N. Bundaleski, I. Vukanac, B. Todorović, S. Nenadović
  • Effect of hybrid fibers, calcium carbonate whisker and coarse sand on mechanical properties of cement-based composites
    M. Cao, L. Li, M. Khan
  • Ultrafine portland cement performance
    C. Argiz, E. Reyes, A. Moragues
  • Influence of bagasse ash and recycled concrete aggregate on hardened properties of high-strength concrete
    P. Rattanachu, I. Karntong, W. Tangchirapat, C. Jaturapitakkul, P. Chindaprasirt
  • Efficiency of self-healing cementitious materials with encapsulated polyurethane to reduce water ingress through cracks
    B. Van Belleghem, K. Van Tittelboom, N. De Belie

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