Cement Chemistry

The Chemistry of Cement Group was created in 1986. It has a vast experience in the development and characterization of new and more sustainable construction materials (cements and concrete). Our research falls within the CSIC global area of MATERIA, although it also has a clear overlap with LIFE and SOCIETY Global areas.

The research of the group aims at developing new sustainable materials with a low carbon footprint while preserving optimal mechanical properties and durability.


The research of the Chemistry of Cement Group is focused on reaching a deeper scientific and technological understanding of construction materials, mainly cement and concrete. Furthermore, the Group aims at developing new materials with a low carbon footprint, sustainable and eco-efficient, while preserving their engineering properties and durability. The research done in our Group also aims at reaching a ‚ÄúSustainable Construction‚ÄĚ that will enable us to improve life quality in our society. The objectives of our research are closely associated with the framework of AGENDA 2030 of the European Commission, in particular, Objective 9 ‚ÄúIndustry, Innovation and Infrastructure‚ÄĚ and Objective 11 ‚ÄúCities and Sustainable Communities‚ÄĚ. Our research is directly linked to a Circular Economy, to convert waste materials into raw materials that can be reused and taken advantage of in the production of construction materials, thus creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly life cycle.


Fernández Jiménez, Ana María

Investigadora Cientifica de OPI

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Palomo S√°nchez, √Āngel

Profesor de investigación de OPI

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Puertas Maroto, Francisca

Profesora de investigación de OPI

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Alonso López, María del Mar

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Palacios Arévalo, Marta

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Pach√≥n Monta√Īo, Alicia

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Moreno de los Reyes, Ana María

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Morales Barranco, Francisco Carlos

Auxiliar de Investigación de OPIs C2

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Gil Maroto, Alfredo

Técnico superior de actividades Técnicas G3

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Marzal Garcia, Queralt Belén


Martín Rodriguez, Pablo


Martínez Serrano, Ana María

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Main Research Areas

The research of Chemistry of Cement Group is focused on:

  • Development and characterization of eco-efficient cements and sustainable concrete. Study of their hydration process, properties and performance. In particular, the main cements studied are:
    • Portland cement
    • Alkali-activated cements (geopolymers)
    • Hybrid cements
    • Limestone calcined clay cements
    • Sulfoaluminate cements
    • Calcium aluminate cements,
  • Use of industrial waste and by-products in the production of cement and concrete.
  • Rheological behaviour of cements, mortars and concrete.
  • Concrete Admixtures
  • Environmental safety and radiological behaviour of cements and concrete. Natural radioactivity (NORM wastes)
  • Design of cementitious materials to immobilize radioactive wastes.
  • Preservation of the historical and cultural Heritage: damage mechanisms, products for its repair and preservation.

Our group develop this research in the framework of national, European and international competitive R+D projects. We also have a strong relationship with the industrial sector, that allow us to transfer the knowledge to the sector through R&D contracts with Spanish and international companies.


Elaboration of geopolymers based on clays by-products from phosphate mines for construction applications

LIFE19 ENV IT 000165 – LIFE FREEDOM Facility REactor and Equiment to Depolymerize Organic Matter

Synthesis of Low Temperature Glassy Supplementary Cementitious Materials (GlassyMat)

Tecnologías en Ciencias del Patrimonio (TOP HERITAGE CM); P2018/NMT- 4372

Viabilidad del desarrollo de nuevos cementos con adición de caliza y arcillas calcinadas con propiedades reológicas mejoradas (RHEOCLAY); RTI2018-099326-A-I00

Utilization of secondary raw material in geopolymers production (GEO-DUST); Grant agreement No. 734833

Innovative materials and techniques for the conservation of 20th century concrete-based cultural heritage (InnovaConcrete); Grant Agreement N¬ļ 760858

Avances en ciencia y tecnología de cementos híbridos- sostenibles (SOS-CEM); BIA2016-76466-R.

Scientific Articles


Procedimiento para la fabricacion de cementos alcalinos a partir de residuos vitreos urbanos e industriales

Type of industrial property: Patent of invention
Inventors/authors: Francisca Puertas Maroto, Juan Jos√© Torres Casta√Īon, Celia Varga Fern√°ndez (Titular: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas)
(N¬ļ of patent: 2394979), Spanish Patent: Yes; EU patent: yes; Interntational Non-EU : Yes

Aditivo para mejorar la fluidez y el desarrollo mec√°nico en pastas de cemento, mortero y Hormigones

Type of industrial property: Patent of invention
Inventors/authors: S.A. SULQUISA; Olga Maltseva; Maria Ines Garcia Lodeiro; Ana Fernandez Jimenez; Angel Palomo
(N¬ļ of patent: 300277491), Spanish Patent: Yes; EU patent: yes; Interntational Non-EU : Yes


Supervising of doctoral thesis

Title: √Člaboration et caract√©risation de clinker portland √† base des schistes bitumineux et gangue de charbon du maroc
Doctoral student: Salma Chhaiba
Directors: Abdeljebbar Diouri y María Teresa Blanco Varela
University: Mohamed V  School: Ciencias
Year:  2019   Qualification: Sobresaliente cum laude
International: Si

Title: Comportamiento reologico de pastas y morteros activados alcalinamente. Influencia de las variables del proceso
Doctoral student: Sara Gismera Díez
Directors: Francisca Puertas, Marta Palacios y Mar Alonso
University: UCM. School: Ciencias Químicas
Year:¬† 2019 ¬†Qualification: Sobresaliente ‚Äúcum laude‚ÄĚ
International: No

Title: Synthesis of alkali activated binders from carbonate rich clays: influence of activation processing and additions on mechanical and microstructural properties.
Doctoral student: Angela D`Elia
Directors: Prof. Rocco Laviano; Dott. Giacomo Eramo;  Dott.ssa Ana Fernández-Jiménez
University: Universit√† degli Studi di Bari “Aldo Moro”
School: Dipartimento Di Scienze Della Terra e Geoambientali
Year: 2018 Qualification: SOBRESALIENTE CUM LAUDEN
International: Si

Title: Valorization of secondary raw materials through alkali activation: study of binders based on sulfate-bearing clay and Pietra Serena sewage sludge
Doctoral student: Roberta Occhipinti
Directors: Prof. Serena Chiara Tarantino Dott. ssa Ana Fernández-Jiménez
University: Università degli Studi di Pavia
School / Escuela: Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra e dell’Ambiente
Year: 2018 Qualification: SOBRESALIENTE CUM LAUDEN
International: Si

Title: Temperature effect on performance of portland cement versus advanced hybrid cements and alkali-fly ash cement
Doctoral student: QU, BO
Directors:  José Ygnacio Pastor CYear / Ana Fernández-Jiménez
University: University Politécnica de Madrid; E. T. S. de Caminos Canales y Puertos
School / Escuela: Departamento de Ciencias de Materiales.
Year: 2018  Qualification: SOBRESALIENTE CUM LAUDEN

Title: La activación alcalina como procedimiento para el desarrollo de nuevos cementos beliticos
Doctoral student María José Sánchez Herrero
Director: Ana María Fernández Jiménez
University:  University Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
School / Escuela: Departamento de Química
Year: 2017 Qualification: SOBRESALIENTE CUM LAUDEN
International: No

Title: Conservación de esculturas de hormigón: efecto de consolidantes en pastas y morteros de cemento
Doctoral student: Alma Mª Barberena Fernández
Directors: Paula María Carmona Quiroga, Margarita San Andrés y María Teresa Blanco Varela
University: Complutense de Madrid  School: Bellas Artes
Year: 2015 Qualification: Sobresaliente
International: No

Title: Reutilización de residuos vítreos urbanos e industriales en la fabricación de cementos alcalinos. Activación, comportamiento y durabilidad
Doctoral student: Manuel Torres Carrasco
Director: Francisca Puertas
University: UAM Universida Autónoma de Madrid. School: Ciencias
Year: 2015 Qualification: Sobresaliente ‚Äúcum laude‚ÄĚ
International: No

Title: Cementos activados alcalinamente. Comportamiento reológico y durable en medio ácido
Doctoral student: Celia Varga Fern√°ndez
Directors: Francisca Puertas y Mar Alonso
University: UNED. School: Ciencias
Year: 2015 Qualification: Sobresaliente ‚Äúcum laude‚ÄĚ
International: No

Supervising of final year/master projects

Title: Uso de la halloysita en sistemas de escoria activadas alcalinamente
Student: Paula Díaz Fernández
Directors: Inés García Lodeiro
University: Universidad de Castilla La Mancha
School: Ciencias Ambientales
Year:  2019  Qualification: Sobresaliente (9.6)

Title: Hormigones con alta sustitución de ceniza volante
Student: David Viejo Mari√Īo
Directors: Ana Fernández Jiménez/ Oscar Cabrera
Grado: Graduado en tecnología minera ingeniero de minas
University: Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Minas y Energía, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).
Year:  2017  Qualification: Sobresaliente (9.5) premio: cemex 2018

Title: Estudio de nuevos hormigones ecoeficientes. Reología y comportamiento
Student: Ruth García
Directors: María del Mar Alonso
University: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
School: Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales
Year: 2016 Qualification: Matrícula de honor- Nota 10

Title: Determinación de las isotermas de adsorción de aditivos superplastificantes en arenas utilizadas en la preparación de hormigones autocompactantes.
Student: Roberto Martínez Gaitero
Directors: Francisca Puertas y María del Mar Alonso
University: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
School: Escuela Superior de Ingenieros Industriales
Year: 2015 Qualification: Sobresaliente (9.0)

Title: Reología de pastas y morteros de cenizas volantes activadas alcalinamente. Efecto de la reutilización de residuos vítreos como activadores alternativos
Student: Sara López de Armentia
Directors: María del Mar Alonso
University: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
School: Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales
Year:  2015   Qualification: Matrícula de honor- nota 10

Title: Estudio del comportamiento mec√°nico-resistente y microestructural de morteros de cementos alcalinos con √°ridos reciclados
Student: Andrea Rodríguez Yébenes
Directors: Francisca Puertas y María del Mar Alonso
University: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
School: Escuela Superior de Ingenieros Industriales
Year: 2015 Qualification: Sobresaliente (9.5)