Garcia Lodeiro, María Ines

Ph.D in Chemistry (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM), 2008). Currently she holds the position of Research Associate in the IETcc-CSIC. She has 15 years of professional research experience, focusing on Sustainable development of cement and concrete technology with low environmental impact. Her research specialises in following 3 subjects: (i) Alkaline-activated cements with sustainable raw materials – industrial wastes and by-products can be used to create cementitious materials through alkaline activation (also known as geopolymers); (ii) Chemically-bonded phosphate cements for nuclear waste immobilisation – phosphates cements set and harden via acid-base reaction, which allows them to have a reduced water content for the minimal radiolysis and hydrogen gas generation; (iii) Conservation of the traditional OPC concrete – maintaining the existing concrete structures is one of the best ways to reduce the environmental impact of cements and concretes.

She counts a total of > 9 years of research experience in Spain at IETcc, CSIC and ICV, owing to the awarded Post-Graduate Grant, Pre-Doctoral Grant, as well as the direct employment and winning JAE Doc2011 Grant. She also has extensive research experiences abroad, total of >4 years, in the UK at University of Aberdeen and University of Sheffield, through CSIC travel grants, NANOCEM Consortium as a fellow, and employment as a research associate.

She has 46 publications (mostly SCI papers) as the first and corresponding author in >70% of them ( Currently she has a h-index of 19 with >2000 citations (SCOPUS). She has also developed 1 patent.

She has contributed with several oral presentations and posters in more than 50 international conferences. She has organized 3 international conferences, 1 international workshops, and gave invited talks at EMPA, CIMTEC and 1st Youth Scientific Conference on Construction Materials . She  has been a member of 2 RILEM Technical Committees related to alkali-activated cements and currently she is member of the carbonation technical Committee 281-CCC . Currently she holds the position of Managing Editor in the journal Cement and Concrete Research (2nd best Journal in the area of Construction and Building technology (WOS ranking)).