Materiales de Construcción. Vol 71, No 343

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Research Articles

  • Substitution of aggregates by waste foundry sand: effects on physical properties of mortars B.A. Feijoo, J.I. Tobón, O.J. Restrepo-Baena
  • Analysis of different interface treatments between masonry of AAC blocks and reinforced concrete structure after uniaxial compression strength test D.S. Silva, E.G.P. Antunes
  • Influence of fly ash, glass fibers and wastewater on production of recycled aggregate concrete A. Raza, B. Ali, F.U. Haq, M. Awais, M.S. Jameel
  • Evaluation of the long-term compressive strength development of the sewage sludge ash/metakaolin-based geopolymer D. Istuque, L. Soriano, M.V. Borrachero, J. Payá, J.L. Akasaki, J.L.P. Melges, M.M. Tashima
  • Study on improving interface bonding performance of magnesium potassium phosphate cement mortar J. Zhang, Y. Ji, Z. Xu, Q. Xue, Y. Zhou, C. Jin
  • Soil biostabilisation and interaction with compaction processes for earthen engineering structures production E. Bernat-Maso, L. Gil, M.J. Lis, E. Teneva
  • Early-age compressive strength and dynamic modulus of FRC based on ultrasonic pulse velocity D. Castillo, S. Hedjazi
  • New methods for assessing brick resistance to freeze-thaw cycles I. Netinger-Grubeša, M. Benšić, M. Vračević


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