Materiales de Construcción. Vol 73, No 352

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Research Articles

    • The effect of recycled concrete powder (RCP) from precast concrete plant on fresh and mechanical properties of cementitious pastes
      J.H.A. Rocha , M.P. Tinoco, R.D. Toledo Filho
    • A low carbon cement (LC3) as a sustainable material in high strength concrete: green concrete
      S. Bha vani , M.L.V. Prasad
    • Exploring the impact of graphene oxide on mechanical and durability properties of mortars incorporating demolition waste: micro and nano-pore structure effects
      C. Cha cón-Bonet, H. Cifuentes, Y. Luna, J.D. Ríos, M.P. Ariza, C. Leiva
    • Effect of fiber section shape and volume fraction on the mechanical properties of steel-fiber reinforced concretes
      W. He, S. Wu , B. Zha ng, Y. Liu, Y. Luo, G. Fu
    • Experimental investigation of the behavior of concrete beams containing recycled materials reinforced with composite rebars
      R. Jafar i, M.H. Alizad eh-Elizei, M. Ziaei, R. Esma eil-Abad i
    • The effect of water absorption distribution of recycled coarse aggregate on the compressive strength distribution of high-performance concrete
      X. Chen , E. Gruya ert , Ö. Cizer, J. Li
    • Eco-efficient thermoacoustic panels made of totora and gypsum for sustainable rural housing ceilings
      S. Huaquist o-Cáceres, D.K. Par i-Quisp e, R.A. Cruz-Mar on

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