Materiales de Construcción. Vol 74, No 353

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Research Articles

  • Ultramarine blue pigment degradation in cementitious materials: a new approach to the phenomenon
    G. Rodríguez de Sensale, S. Chinchón-Payá, V. de Lima, A. Aguado, Ignacio Segura
  • Shear strength and microstructural investigation on high-volume fly ash self-compacting concrete containing recycled concrete aggregates and coal bottom ash
    A. Meena, N. Singh, S. P. Singh
  • Investigation of the bond properties between hybrid fiberreinforced concrete and BFRP bars after exposure to high temperature
    Zhenrong Liu, Huaxin Liu, Weixing Xu, Beibei Liu, Yue Zhong, Jian Geng, Genjin Liu
  • Life cycle analysis and economic evaluation of cement and concrete mixes with rice husk ash: application to the Colombian context
    Sindy Sofía Suárez Silgado, Lucrecia Calderón Valdiviezo, Carolina Betancourt Quiroga
  • Influence of crystallizing type chemical admixture on precast micro concretes: a statistical analysis and holistic engineering overview
    R. C. Lopes, G. W. Bacarji, E. Bacarji, A.M. Oliveira
  • Structural aspects of concrete incorporating recycled coarse aggregates from construction and demolished waste
    H. Panghal, A. Kumar
  • Durability effect of reclaimed asphalt aggregate on concrete road pavement
    Tayfun Uygunoğlu, İlker Bekir Topçu, Emriye Çinar Resuloğullari
  • Experimentation and numerical analysis of the influence of geogrids with emulsion insertion on the behavior of bituminous pavements – Case of Ouargla aerodrome
    R. Bazine, M. Abdessemed, S. Kenai, N. Ouadah

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