Mitigación del calentamiento urbano en Iberoamérica a través de la respuesta termo-óptica de los materiales de construcción

Financing entity
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. Convocatoria: LINCGLOBAL 2021
Principal investigator(s)
Gloria Pérez Álvarez-Quiñones y Fernando Martín-Consuegra Ávila
29.931,61 €
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The Project is led by the IETcc-CSIC (Dr. Gloria Pérez and Dr. Fernando Martín-Consuegra) and research groups participate from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and the Dominican Republic. The principal objective of the project is to identify strategies to mitigate overheating in Ibero-American cities through sustainable surface finishing materials with thermo-optical properties that optimize solar energy management. The project will work in environmentally vulnerable urban areas of 5 cities located in different climatic zones: Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, Mendoza in Argentina, Campinas in Brazil, La Paz in Bolivia and Valparaíso in Chile. Researchers from the Materials Recycling Group (Dras. Gloria Pérez and Ana Guerrero) and the Building Systems and Habitability Group (Drs. Fernando Martín-Consuegra, Carmen Alonso and Borja Frutos) participate in the IETcc-CSIC team. The Spanish team is completed by Dra. Sagrario Martínez from the IEM-CSIC.