Nevshupa, Roman

Nevshupa, Roman

Investigador Distinguido
911035746 o ext. 438390

R. Nevshupa is Distinguished Researcher with the Institute “Eduardo Torroja” (IETCC-CSIC).

His research is centred on Triboemission phenomena including

  • Mechanically Stimulated Gas Emission,
  • Charged particle emission,
  • Triboluminescence,
  • Nanoparticle Aerosol,

and embraces the following areas:

  • Surface Engineering, Tribology, Ultrahigh Vacuum Tribology
  • Tribochemistry and Advanced lubrication: characterization of tribochemical processes in operando using Mechanically Stimulated Gas Emission Mass-Spectrometry. Case studies: ionic liquids, a-C:H, green lubricants and renewable fuels, friction modifiers, rocks, construction materials, etc.
  • Hydrogen in Materials: New approach for experimental characterization using Mechanically Stimulated Gas Emission Mass-Spectrometry
  • Advanced materials and coatings with controlled triboemission properties.

Some recent research projects:

  1. «Advance technology for evaluation and reduction of risks related with emissions of gases and particles in transportation», Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (BIA2016-79582-R), 2016-2019. – Principal investigators: M. Castellote, R. Nevshupa.
  2. “Advanced characterization techniques for the development of surface coatings and treatments for the protection of metal components subjected to severe tribological conditions”, CSIC (iCOOPB20363), 2019-2020. Coordinator: R. Nevshupa.
  3. “Ad Hoc Mooring Solutions for Gas and Oil Offshore Platforms”, Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (IPT-2012-1167-120000), 2012-2016. Principal investigator: R. Nevshupa.
  4. Sustainability of Photocatalytic Technologies In Urban Pavements: From Laboratory Tests To In Field Compliance Criteria – European project (FP7) LIFE+ PHOTOSCALING (LIFE13 ENV/ES/001221), 2015-2019. Principal investigator: M. Castellote.

Recent publications:

  • Ares J. R., Nevshupa R., et al. Unconventional Approaches to Hydrogen Sorption Reactions: Non-Thermal and Non-Straightforward Thermally Driven Methods. ChemPhysChem. 2019; 20: 1248– 1260. (Cover image)
  • Puhan D, Nevshupa R, Wong JSS, Reddyhoff T. Transient aspects of plasma luminescence induced by triboelectrification of polymers. Tribology International. 2019;130:366-77.
  • Nevshupa R., et al., Tribochemical Decomposition of Light Ionic Hydrides at Room Temperature. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2015. 6(14): p. 2780-2785.

Full list of publications and other research details can be found through the following links: