Fernández Jiménez, Ana María

Fernández Jiménez, Ana María

Investigadora Cientifica de OPI

910686462 o ext. 438333

Ph.D. Chemistry (CSIC scientist Research, female). Main lines of research: chemistry of conventional cements (portland, belite, calcium aluminate, calcium sulfoaluminate cement, etc.); development of sustainable cementitious binders: alkaline cements (alkaline activation of fly ash, slag, metakaolin, Clay, waste, etc..) and hybrid cements (with clinker, OPC content of <30 % plus SCMs and alkaline activator); (C-S-H, N-A-S-H, C-A-S-H) gel synthesis; synthesis of glass liable to alkaline activation; mortar and concrete formulation; durability and technological applications, etc.. Director of international post-graduate course on alkaline cements. Collaborator with many Spanish and foreign research groups and/or institutions. Participant in 15 national and 5 international research projects, and 20 research contracts with national and foreign private companies. Co-supervisor of seven PhD. Theses. Co-author of more than 135 articles published in SCI-listed journals, 90 in Q1 (70 paper in the last ten years); 11655 total citations (9126 in the last ten years), h-index = 50 (Scopus).

Núm. Research identification: Scopus G-2597-2016;

Orcid code: 0000-0002-5721-2923;

SCI Author ID: 7003317371ID